Link dump from JamStack Virtual Conf 2020

Yesterday (evening for France timezone) I "went" to Jamstack Conf Virtual 

Jamstack Conf Virtual 2020

It was almost my first virtual conference, so I was also curious for that. It took place on the platform, which reproduces some of the "physical" aspects of a conference, you can go to the main room, to the second stage, walk around the booths in the expo lounge, walk into a session of questions and answers, use the chat to interact, etc. There's even a networking feature where you are put in contact with some else who's using this networking feature in a video chat (I didn't test that). On the whole the experience is pretty seamless and when the speakers are well equipped (good camera, good microphone, good acoustics in room they are in) it works really well !

I couldn't attend the whole conference, but I still collected a bunch of reading material and stuff to explore. Some of the videos are being published on the Jamstack conf Youtube.

Here are some links of projects and contents I found noteworthy : 

Migrating to Netlify, One Page At a Time

 Bringing Remote Sensing and Disaster Relief to the Jamstack

Video :

 Performance For All: Understanding A Lighthouse Score

APIs for dynamic data and media


Have fun, I hope some of these links will inspire you to tinker with these approaches and technologies.